hey look, wonkette has eight kids!

oh wait, just one

our pals Ken Layne and S.K. Smith (i dont know the others) have decided to eat cake as rome burns. while everyone else is hunkering down, downsizing, burying their heads in down comforters, and putting all their money in bonds, Wonkette has decided to omg LAUNCH A NEW BLOG!

about fun!

in WASHINGTON DC!?!?!?!!11!

it wasnt enough that they were kicking ass and taking names covering O’Messiah, but now they want to roll up their sleeves and enter the battle of covering all the nightlife and parties and club scene of our 51st almoststate.

and it seems they launched on Friday the 13th. toldya they were satanists.

Bonne Chance Wonkabout!!