its hump day

so i took the subway. it was nice.

today i will go home at a reasonable hour and run around my neighborhood cuz im a disgusting pig. i will eat salad for lunch and the souls of the righteous for dinner. i will break up with the girl who told me i couldnt blog because hello how do you think she met me? i will then watch Lost and rejoice.

had the most delicious sushi last night that i didnt pay for. drank and enjoyed pleasant company.

before that i found myself in a discussion regarding the Green Movement. and the reason Al Gore needs to make himself a bigger player in the national discussion is because some very intelligent people think its all hype. and if thats what some movers and shakers in LA, and cool ones at that, think those thoughts, then i wonder how its playing in Peoria.

unrelated: our Daily Dish blog has a really funny post about the Guac Bowl that took place Sunday. written by my former Film Editor of LAist, Elina Shatkin, this post hit the front page of Digg this morning. which is always nice.