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one of the more suprising things of the week happened in the comments blog. thats a blog that fleshes out and celebrates the comments on the news and blog posts left by our readers. our city desk blog la now has been covering the brown/rihanna story beautifully and while people have been flooding to that blog, theyve also been leaving comments. one of the trends that we saw were how many people were defending chris brown. so we posted some of their support (and some who thought they were crazy) on the comments blog. now that post is drawing even more support for chris brown. here are some from last night:

dang. people need to lay off chris. All thats goin around now is just rumors, all we know is it was just chris and rihanna involved. I mean damn, everybody is going crazy, not playing his music on the radio and stuff. They even took down a got milk poster of him in my school cafeteria. Such a good kid like chris with such a clean record obviously wouldnt do anything unless made really angry. And also, it could be pyscological retalitation from his childhood. I still love him and always will.

Posted by: Hannahbabyy

like jay z says men lie, woman lie and numbers don’t so chris brown you should prove them wrong that you are not what they think you are and you may move from that stage to another new life background………st.lucia say may you be reborn again under the foots of the backstabbers…

Posted by: Badburnz

our all dumb. RIHANNA PROVOKED HIM. i think that if your
big and bad enough to dish it out, your big enough to take it.
she’s jealous and always has been. she wants you to believe
her so that chris’ career will be damaged. and your all falling for it.
just because she’s a woman, what a damn shame. quit going off
of one side of the story. he turned himself in CAUSE THAT WAS THE SMART THING TO DO. why run if you didnt do it? he did the right thing.
she’s a spoiled brat who has all of you wrapped around her damn finger.

Posted by: whatever