just like you, im a huge fan of Howard Stern

so much so i bought some Sirius stock right before they merged because when it was barely below a buck i thought “How Much Lower Could It Possibly Go???”

famous last words.

c-net thinks Howard Stern should buy the company.

No matter how you look at it, Sirius XM Satellite Radio is in sad shape. The stock has been stuck around 11 cents for months, and now there’s talk about bankruptcy.

I don’t get it, the satellite company claims 19 million subscribers, and if they were paying the same rate as I do, $12.95 a month, that works out to close to $3 billion a year in income. They also have ads on all the nonmusic channels, which have to be generating income as well. Oh, wouldn’t you think the ads on Howard Stern’s show make a load of dough for Sirius XM?

I’ve heard that EchoStar, a maker of TV set-top boxes, is trying to take over the company. but Sirius XM is holding tight.

So if Howard Stern loves Sirius XM so much, why doesn’t he buy it?

strangely at five cents a share im tempted to get a couple hundred bucks worth and try to double my money if it makes it back to the 13 cents that it was last week.