lovely sarah made me and ali go to mcdonalds yesterday

usually id be all for the golden arches but im trying to get in shape for bikini season which is fast approaching.

this particular mcdonalds is totally ghetto which tells you a little about our neighborhood as our office is only about three blocks north from said fast food eatery. it also tells you something about LA because city hall is just one block north of us.

so yes, four blocks from city hall is a mcdonalds that smells like pee and trash and old people and homeless and jobless and sadness and filth and despair bordering on surrender.

and the french fry oil hadnt been changed in at least a day, or so it tasted.

of course no bathrooms. of course old guys reading the paper slowly falling asleep at 1pm. of course whole families just biding their time with their luggage. of course no McPlayland. of course a security guard next to the registers. of course a pube (or was it an eyelash) was spotted in ali’s McSalad.

of course i almost ate all of my crappy fries. of course i noticed all the mayo in my grilled chicken breast sandwich.

of course the elderly couple midway through their meal introduced an aroma that could only be the extra value combo of human waste + adult diaper + ice tea.

of course we will be back.

photo of a far more appetizing store by hey mr glen via flickr