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  1. Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    tsar played this quasi hard rock cafe club in madrid on new years on the millennium 

    it was the last vacation my truest and i had as a couple.

    we had planned on breaking up in november but the thought of getting new apartments around the holidays seemed like a downer so when tsar said they were gonna play four nights in spain for y2k we were all, we gotta go.

    it was probably my last taste of pre 9/11 because i flew international with a pair of scissors in my backpack because i was going to wrap some belated christmas gifts and send them from a Foreign Land. only on the trip back did security let me know that it wasnt ok. but they still let me through with them!

    we partied all night and slept all day and seriously had to set the alarm so we could catch 90 minutes of daylight and run to the museo to see your boy Hieronymus. danced in the town square danced in a sweaty “club” that had the beastie boys on a glorified boom box danced in a garage of a kid whose parents were out of town.

    danced in tsars hotel room overlooking the world as the skies filled with fireworks.

    every once in a while her eyes would tear up because it was so bittersweet.

    maybe it was the emotion i was repressing but the food to me tasted so dull and lifeless. here were these glorious people everywhere – whole families strolling through the town – everyone looking good. but every meal i ate was spoonful of disappointment.

    and for some reason they served frozen, rigged, french fries with anything id order. breakfast lunch or dinner.

    so when metromix sarah told me there was a new spanish place in little tokyo called spitz

    featuring some amazing kebob sandwhiches i was all yawn.

    but we went and it was great and i see hope for spain now so bravo

    371 E. 2nd Street
    L.A., CA 90012
    (213) 613 0101

  2. Tuesday, February 24, 2009
  3. one thing they dont tell you in catholic school 

    is that if you allow girls to sleep over, you’ll never get any sleep

    like most men, at a certain time of the evening, i pass out. not just that but i sleep like a rock.

    maybe it was living in isla vista for four years, maybe it was my time in the xbi, maybe its my unflinching belief in Jesus; but for some reason if i hear a bump in the night or a creek in the belfry or a sound in the garage, im gonna let it be.

    women however are not so trusting. at least the ones who find themselves in my tiny part of hollywood. not only do they stir and alert me if something sounds amiss, but they wont go back to sleep even if i investigate the situation.

    last night i thought it would be simpler if i took out my hand gun and shot at the noise by the poolhouse until the only commotion remain were the barking dogs who were complaining that now their sleep was disturbed.

    as i crawled back into bed she sat there wide eyed with a huge list of questions and then followup questions.

    but i fixed the problem baby.

    but what was it?

    whatever it was its gone now, sweetness. gone to a better place. gone to maybe a worse place but gone. gone with the wind.

    but dont you want to call the police or an ambulance or i dont know, poke it with a stick?

    only one thing i wanna poke with a stick my love i said and its not the weather girl on kcal with the tight sweaters.

    but the soft moans of death filling out its paperwork creeped over the bubbling of the hot tub and ruined any chance at romance

    and next time im just gonna let the boogey man make his bumps in the night so i can continue to count sheep.

  4. Monday, February 23, 2009

    because im a zillion years old, 

    the jackson five was my first concert

    which makes me one of the luckiest people ever.

    but with great luck comes great responsibility. and it also brings great challenges.

    for example, how can you top the jackson five in the seventies?

    ac/dc in the eighties, of course.

    grunge in the 90s.

    and sxsw each march.

    yes i have decided i will be going to the rock to find the next real deal. it might be an existing group, it might be a new one, it might be something old thats redefined itself.

    odds are it wont be one amazing family, but chances are magic will be in texas during the onslaught of 1,500 bands spread out during a handful of nights as passion yearns to be set free.

    i will be blogging about it here there and everywhere.

    i will be tweetting, i will be live blogging, i will be video blogging, i will be soaking it up and squeezing it out like the german made sham-wah.

    for each of you,

    beware of the imitators.

  5. domo arigato, mr roboto 

    sass: When and where do you think Raymi and Phil are getting married?

    december 31, 2010
    las vegas, nevada

    zona: Do I buy the house with the great view or the house that’s brand new?

    i once lived fifty yards from the ocean. the house had a balcony over the front door so you could sit on that thing and just check everything out, like sunsets, sunrises, etc. it was priceless. also, sometimes older houses, even not that much older places, have charm and style that they just dont do any more. id take the view.

    adrienne: did you have a black/death list for 2009? john goodman was the only dark horse i could come up with.

    you know you make me realize i hadnt made a dark list. but its probably just as well because i usually just ended up making a list of people i hoped die that year, which although harmless, is sorta mean.

    Mike: What do you think of the World Baseball Classic?

    i love it. growing up in illinois i knew very little about geography. something like this can help kids learn that not everyone who speaks spanish is from mexico and not everyone who uses chopsticks come from china.

    adriel: what’s the weather like there in april?!

    theres really only two types of weather in LA. rainy and cold; and sunny and warm. right now we are in the rainy and cold part. its about to end in about two weeks. pack yr sunscreen.

    g/d: runways or subways+?


    BobD: Should I sell all of my extra Cubs / Sox bleacher tix for the June 16-18 series at Wrigley or hold on to one for Tony Pierce?

    in the name of doing something different in order to reverse the curse, i think this year i might have to take you up on that generous offer since this is the year. old styles on me.

    bp: Are you watching the Oscars this year or are awards shows a thing of the past?

    i dont believe that you can compare two works of art to each other and decide which is the best. likewise i think our obsession with celebrity is a celebration that often focuses on many of the wrong traits of modern human life. so yes i have two tivos going and a pizza ordered which someone very nice is going to bring over along with something uncomfortable to slip out of.

    Will Campbell: Like you I’m a Sirius/XM subscriber. Have been for more than four years. My old in-car/boombox unit doesn’t get any of the new XM channels so I’m thinking of upgrading to one of the hand-held models. My myriad questions are: Do you roll with a hand-held and if so how’s that working for ya, and should I bother spending the kinda green required given the precarious financial state of Sirius at the present?

    i have the stiletto 2. its not the best device. the battery goes quickly, it can get very hot. it isnt intuitive. it doesnt remember what you like. the headphones that include a built-in antennae is bulky and freakish, and doesn’t work all that well in regards to pulling in the signal.

    timmay!!!!!: have you ever had surgery?

    only during my more active times working in the xbi.

    Sarah: What do you think about my post on LAist about Rihanna?

    i thought your post was fine, and any time one of your so called competitors whines in your comments then youve earned bonus points. blogs like LAist should continue to mine hidden treasures found in the nooks unblogged by the msm. be that punk rock at the smell, special projects like the neighborhood project and laistory, or posting a photo that everyone is talking about but not everyone is showing.

    blogs exist because they fill a void, blogs that refuse to do so become void.

    Vinny: What is your favorite Weezer album? And what is your favorite song of that album?

    even though i tossed it in the back of my explorer after a few plays for not being another blue album, several months later i gave pinkerton a second try and something happened – i couldnt stop listening to it. “across the sea” is one of my all time favorite songs ever.

    with that said, i use it every day. its the best and easiest way to record and subscribe to ones favorite shows. it allows you to skip through the commercials easily. and even though it is expensive and sorta crappy, as a howard stern fan im glad i have it because its the most satisfying way to keep up with the show.

    your friendly librarian: what is the last book you read?

    a lot of my days are spent reading. be it emails or blogs or html code or newspapers or text messages or chats, that when i went to the bookstore the other day to get a gift i saw david lachapelle’s “heaven to hell” and i flipped through it and its colors and subjects jumped off the page. ive “read” every page and been so inspired.

    Ali: Who (living or dead) would be involved in your fantasy threesome?

    thats easy, lily and lemei. unrelated: happy birthday, ladies.

    keir: Should I feel bad for not hating the new U2 album as much as I thought I would?

    deep down, u2s actually talented. not many bands can put out seven classic records in a row. we shouldnt be surprised if theres a few more left in em.

    genny: when are you going to update your sidebar links to other blogs and drop those who do not blog anymore.. Hi FOXXY and jimh!!! will you be give some nerbies a shot at an anna??

    jimh, like jeff solomon and ben sullivan and bwg and johnny woo (and many of my friends), is secretly playing a game called i can be the nicest man on earth. and foxxy… ive met my fair share of women, and shes, well, i have a wall in my bedroom with pictures of really close friends and girlfriends and celebrities. technically shes not any of those things, but she definately belongs on that wall and i look at her picture all the time, which is why i keep those spaces warm for them.

    top foto of raymi by fil

  6. Sunday, February 22, 2009