questions questioned answers answered on this nba allstar weekend

lowercasecarmen: How many men cried on the day Raymi went off the market?

i dont think that many. fil and raymi are perfect together. fil is a gentleman, an artist, a male model, a tremendous photographer, and the best man for raymi ever. i was very happy to hear this news, especially in my comments. i hope that their wedding is during one of the warm months in toronto and i hope matt good plays some tsar songs at their reception.

Vinny: Is Joaquin Phoenix really crazy or is it all just a elaborate hoax?

if Joaquin is doing what many think hes doing its a sad sad ripoff of a much longer, far more interesting downward spiral beautifully starring mr arthur lange who’s dedicated enough to do it year after year, every morning from 6am-10:30am Monday thru Thurs

Martin: How will we know that the Busblog has jumped the shark?

the busblog has gone out of its way to find sharks for the sole purpose of jumping over them. i tried to create Rules for Blogging, which is a sure fire way to jump sharks, busblog only got more popular and i won an award. i asked people for money countless times and not only did they give it to me but they also flashed me their hoo has. i got rid of my archives, i blogged professionally, i blogged for the MSM, i stopped cursing in here, i stopped doing olde school photo essays, i got heavy into youtube videos, i stopped dating for a while, and when i started dating again i didnt show any pics of any of the girls, ive even allowed poetry to be posted on this url. all things that should capsize a blog instantly, but the busblog keeps on truckin. why? because it is clearly the official blog of the gods.

lily: who is scott t. sterling?

scotts a super talented music editor and writer for Metromix who first met me over the phone when he did a little piece on me for LA Weekly’s 100 Los Angelenos issue. after spending a lot of time in the metromix offices he and i started talking and realized that we have a lot in common in regards to music and we hit it off pretty quickly. i dont know what the future holds for Metromix as we know it but if he ends up writing regularly for Pop & Hiss it would be a beautiful thing. there are already a half dozen great writers on that blog but he would fill a spot thats sorely lacking. hes also very nice.

Just Me: What is Dallas going to do about T.O.? I love that guy and all his tantrums!

the worst thing they could do is send him to Oakland. which is probably what they’ll do in exchange for a really nice draft pick. and if you like TO’s tantrums magnified by Jerry Jones and Tony Romo, just wait to see TO melt down because of Al Davis and the indescribably bad silver and black.

adrienne: how in the world is it possible for anyone to ever take any member of MLB seriously ever again? i don’t even like baseball and i wanna punch every goddamn player in the face these days – it must be especially hurtful for the true fans out there.

the day baseball shut the doors of the hall of fame to the all time hit king for betting ON his team they began a perilous journey down the slipperiest of slopes to failure.

in any team, company, or relationship you will often find your most valuable people doing some effed up things. in order to protect your good thing, you should always be on the outlook to protect your ambassadors. but MLB went out of its way to demonize Rose, Commissioner Selig barely stood up when Bonds broke the all time HR record, and has allowed steroids of all things to eat away at the core of the national game.

if baseball had been strong about steroids and done simple things like lowering the mound or juicing the baseballs instead of putting the onus on the players (many of whom have extremely short careers and thus would be more willing to break the rules to hang around one or two more years later for the chance at those multimillion dollar paychecks) to hit 50 home runs and more a year, then we wouldnt be where we are now.

MLB needs to have a no tolerance rule. it needs to have its union slapped around a bit because its partially to blame as well. and right before monday night baseball every evening i wanna see The Boomer announce the names of anyone who failed the weekly Sunday morning piss test.

when you work in an industry where guys playing first base turn down $20 million a year, multi year contracts to play in southern california, then you should be able to shrug off pissing in a cup on tv in order to save said industry. and if youre too dumb to understand that ideal then youre probably too dumb to stay off the juice. so hasta.

Monkey: Is that a tusk where the wiener should be?

since it is a wood sculpture of a beached whale, in a way what yr referring to is much closer to the everyday rigidity of a tusk, as opposed to the soft texture of a weiner.

g/d: are combo words ok? s_he_art

no. only google appreciates underscores. and as we all know, google isnt always right.

pkp: Stewart or Colbert?

until frenchy gets a daily nexus alumn writing for him, its my man jon stewart all the way. but why isnt it in HD?

xtx: how awesome is my shirt?

this is an inside joke as xTx had no shirt on in the last photo she emailed me, thus the correct answer is mama mia!

Jay: Two things: Los Campesinos! – yay or nay? I turned 24 this week. What was the best thing about being Tony at 24?

Ways to Make It Through the Wall (live last month in the ATL)

i dont know one person who knows new music who doesnt love this welsh band, and i dont blamem. its what i always wanted from The Sea & Cake, Death Cab, and Blur but never received.

We Throw Parties, You Throw Bombs

plus they just seem so damn happy.

when i was 24 i was first getting really comfortable with ESP, flying Chopper One, and having a little bit of money. i also was getting my first company car. for some reason i felt old. i wonder what would have been different if i realized then that i was definately not old. probably recklessness times 10 instead of time 5.