1. Monday, February 9, 2009

    rihanna and chris brown are all the buzz today 

    as they were last night

    “chris brown = our generation’s ike turner” was one of the hundreds of tweets being sent out on twitter in the last hour

    our music blog, Pop & Hiss broke readership records last night because the LAT had the exclusive that it was indeed Rihanna who was the victim in the alleged abuse. some are claiming that a “deadly weapon” was used, but we are not confirming that.

    either way, Chris Brown, at 19 could have seen his career end this weekend because Rihanna is beloved, and Jay-Z doesnt play.

    but seriously – check out this amazing coverage that Todd Martens and the crew did over at the Pop n Hiss blog. Can you say eight hours of liveblogging? amazing.