saturday i got an urgent txt from our music blog editor

looking for scott sterling’s cell phone number. apparently prince was about to have a special gig at his crib

here is part of scott’s report from the bowels of prince’s pad in the 90210

But in the wee hours of Feb. 1 in the opulent basement of his Beverly Hills mansion — a rec room that boasts a Prince-emblazoned pool table and and an encased “Purple Rain” motorcycle — Prince played an equally wide-ranging and mind-boggling set for a far more intimate gathering of fewer than 50 people, all of it designed to celebrate the launch of his Website

After a presentation of the new site, which looks to be an all-encompassing portal to Prince’s history as well as a direct line to the three albums he has slated for 2009 (the first being “Lotus Flow3r”, the electro-charged ’80s flashback “MLPSound” and the debut of his latest protégé Bria Valente), Prince emerged for post-press conference concert with a blistering rendition of the Cars’ 1979 new wave hit “Let’s Go.”

Prince led his lethal band, including the amazingly hard-hitting female drummer Cora Dunham, through a nearly two-hour set. It was a rollicking, celebratory affair, and it included takes on the Rolling Stones (“Miss You”), the Doobie Brothers (“Long Train Running”), Mary J. Blige (“Be Happy”) and a Sly & the Family Stone medley.

read the whole thing here and prepared to be as jealous as i am.