she said no blogging in bed.

I said how I’m gonna blog if there’s no computers in here she was all you’ll find a way so don’t think about it. She said think about me. I said didn’t I think of you for a good 4 minutes there. She sighed and rolled closer to me and put her arm around me. Whispered clap if you want the light off. I clapped. Lights went off. I stared at the shadows on the ceiling. I put my hand on her booty short. I tried to remember where my car was parked. Young people talked loud in the next apartment. I thought about investigating the mirror that changed my life at work. It showed me how fat I am. I looked at myself like ten times. It was right before I did yoga for the first time. I know, who am I?

In college I could barely eat a slice of pizza all day. I could eat half a slice for lunch and another half for dinner. For some reason I also loved buffets even tho all I’d eat was jello.

I stared at the ceiling and played with her hair. How was this still happening to me. And who was this young woman who thought she could tell me what to do. Let alone when and where to blog.

Whoever she was she sure was soft.

I decided I would listen to her cuz her place was sweet and I know this is gonna sound corny but it was like she put thought into every kiss.

If only there was a way to ESP your blog posts to

I know they haven’t figured out how to add photos to ESP blog posts, but that’s cool. You can always add them later.