this morning on the subway there were all these cool kids

by cool i mean they seemed to be fashionably dressed high school types with dyed hair and fancy sneakers and skinny pants and exactly the opposite of who i usually encounter on my commute.

they looked at me, i looked at them, then we went back to ignoring each other. i expected them to get off at vermont and wilshire, but they stayed on. i expected them to disembark at 7th street but they stayed. i expected them to ride till the end of the line, union station, but no, they all exited at Civic Center like me.

i figured there must be a music video shoot at City Hall or a lil concert happening somewhere downtown and i forgot about them. i got to the office, sat at my desk and about 15 minutes later there they were in my building. it was a tour! how weird.

if the tour guide stopped in front of my desk and asked me to share with the kids what i liked most about working at the times i would say many things, including the candy jar next to henry fuhrman’s copy desk. usually there are chocolates or candies in there. and sometimes people bring in baked goods and treats. rarely will i shove my big paws in there, but sometimes one wants just a taste of sugar around 4pm.

this is what the candy jar looks like today. and yes i deserve credit for resisting it all. gratzi.