three cool things in your los angeles times

former LAist sports editor Adam Rose actually made the jump from LAist before i did. he ran the USC all things trojan blog and when i was hired and the ucla blogger stepped down, i assigned adam to run both blogs. when the sports desk demonstrated what great bloggers they were on the Olympic blog and later the Fabulous Forum blog it was decided that the sports writers could handle the two colleges and adam could spend more time doing something that he is even more talented at: shooting videos. above you will see an quick scene from this weekend’s all star weekend. apparently there was an NBA mascot halftime show out in zona and as adam describes “Rufus, the Charlotte Bobcats’ mascot, tossed a basketball backwards, over his head, and off the groin of Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks’ mascot” and into the hole. the video has been up less than a day and its gotten lots of views on the Times site and over 200k on youtube.

speaking of covering this city in blog form, our local blog LA Now has a nice new redesign for you. a bigger video player, lots of pertinent aggregation, easier to read headlines, an interesting quote box, traffic and weather together, and even a cool widget on the homepage to show off the last five headlines. something tells me LA Now will soon be the #1 blog in our blogroll (it’s currently #2).

remember when your pal created the Neighborhood Project in the summer of 2007? one thing we noticed was even though there were signs everywhere telling you what neighborhood you were entering, no one really truly knew the exact boundaries of most of the hoods in LA – not even the politicians elected (and paid handsomely) to lord over those regions. totally unrelated to me, and magically, the LA Times special projects team has now drawn the line in the asphalt and today presents the neighborhoods of los angeles.

now take on the day.