was at a beverly hills party tonight with yr girl

birthday pre party for this excellent dude i sorta knew in college.

pretty girl at the bar said whatll be and that jack daniels bottle just looked so good. i dont even drink that stuff.

she poured some over ice and the coke bottle looked so good.

i was mesmerized by packaging.

once again.

she stirred it, handed me a cocktail napkin and it was good, america.

considered a second one when my date asked me to taker back to lawndale. half hour later we’re at her place. half hour later a doors being slammed and a dog starts barking.

its been raining and at night, late, when the right lights hit it,
taking this long tall freeway curve from the 105 east to the 110 heading back home to hollywood couldnt be more beautiful.

LA, better in person.