1. Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    the weirdest things have happened ever since i took this weird picture 

    most of the weird things have to do with current and former nba cheerleaders, but what else is new.

    so instead of even thinking about half that stuff, most of which, to me, at least, revolves around trust; im going to go through wednesdays music choices for sxsw on march 18th, the kickoff of the avalanche of rock.

    because in the end, rock will always be there for you.

    and of course, the world famous buttblog.

    Girl in a Coma – 1pm – Day Stage Cafe
    DD/MM/YYYY – 2pm – Day Stage Cafe
    Glasvegas – TBA – Vice
    The Von Bondies – TBA – Vice
    Verde3 – 7pm – Speakeasy
    Dikes of Holland – 8pm – Soho Lounge
    The Besties – 8:30p – Maggie Mae’s
    m ward – 9pm – central presbyterian church
    Oh No Not Stereo – 9pm – The Music Gym Patio
    The Bronx – TBA – Red 7 Patio
    circle jerks – 10pm – emo’s
    The Grates – 11pm – Radio Room
    st vincent – 11pm – central presbyterian church
    Angus & Julia Stone – 11pm – buffalo billiards
    Juliette & The New Romantiques – 11:30pm – emo’s
    carolyn wonderland – midnight – antone’s
    Priestess – midnight – emos annex
    this bike is a pipe bomb – 12:15am – habana bar
    brother ali – 12:30am – back alley social
    These Arms Are Snakes – 1am – Red Eye Fly
    Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – 1am – dirty dog bar
    Pong – 1am – Room 710

    its always a good idea to pick a few bands that are scheduled for the same time cuz you never know where you’ll end up or how packed it might be,

    like you might totally think that you’ll be able to see the Grates at 11 but lets say everyone finally gets it about them and they fill up the Radio Room? gotta jet over to see st vincent at that crazy church. but if thats packed buffalo billiards probably will be fine. but youd better bail early if you wanna see juliette lewis’s new band and new sound over at emos. but after 20 minutes you better grab a cab because across town at antones is the best female guitarist in town, carolyn wonderand. but if shes playing again you might not sweat it, stay on red river and check out priestess instead.

    anyways, best laid plans…