because i havent been to as many panels as i wanted to go to

im going to way more today.

right now im in the International Business in China for Fun and Profit one.

robert scales and kris krug are on it so i know it wont be dull.

its one of the few panels at this hour because todays keynote is also going on. so i got in here early, plugged in so i could charge the iphone and figured it would be a good time to blog for the first time.

me and sk were at the Bloggie awards. very nice, wholesome, funny blog award deal. lasts about an hour cuz hardly anyone is ever there to accept. Wonkette was up against some super hard competition like fivethirtyeight and cute overload and gawker.

much warmer today. this morning i walked across Brush Park to listen to gabe rivera talk about “beyond aggregation” and i had no flannel on and it was nice.

its almost too bad that they cant spread this out over a longer period of time. like once a week someone owns the SXSW video channel and during lunch they broadcast some tips. maybe they host a panel at their workspace.

i say that because almost every panel has some really valuable information.

chinas most famous heavy metal guitarist is in the front row. hes now into the tech world.