do you feel sometimes that your whole life is sundays

Dan: Two part question: a) Can O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh be stopped/shutted (not a word?) the f up? b) Is it because I’m canadian that I wish Jon Stewart would run for congress and then President? Or are there Americans down there that share my sentiment?

what exactly do you want o’reilly and rush to stop doing? if you want jon stewart to run for congress then that probably means you lean left. and if thats the case then theres no better argument for liberalism than the things that come out of o’reilly and rush’s mouths. the o’reilly/limbaugh act has helped catapult msnbc from otherwise obscurity to the #2 prime time cable news network. cnn is #3. with rush and limbaugh theres no worst person in the world, thus no keith o or rachel. if you hate the gop enough to wish that a comedian like stewart would run for congress then you should pray for the health of the factor and rush – and hope that their shows get sent through every medium possible. not only do they make obama seem even smarter and more reasonable in comparison, but they make us all seem smarter and more reasonable.

sass: I have to miss my call back audition slot for a MuchMusic VJ position because I will be in Hong Kong. What should I do to convince them to see me a week later when I’m back in Toronto? or y’know HIRE ME already?

write them a letter on that leopard print stationary of yrs. tell them some people only come around once an eon. and this week shes in hong kong, but next week she will omg be in toronto canada usa jr. sign it, kiss it, and spritz some of that joy on there. on the back of the envelope put your name, their address, and the date you wanna audition and the time. put the envelope in a fed ex box and send it to them.

Scott T. Sterling: What are you feelings about Wolfmother “Phase II”? These new details just emerged from their label Modular:

“Watch this space for some exciting news from Wolfmother early next week!

Singer Andrew Stockdale has been busy writing the next Wolfmother album and will head into the studio with producer Alan Moulder over the next few weeks. The latest version of the band incarnate is performing this weekend at the MTV Music Video Awards in Australia. The performance will be recorded & telecast worldwide via a new MTV initiative called World Stage to 160+ countries on Friday April 17.”

Scott T. Sterling: 2. Are you feeling any better yet?

i amd doing better. in part because you are letting me know that whiteboy afro 70s rock is coming back from down under. oh and look at this scott t sterling, its an audience bootleg video from this weekends vmas in austrailia:

yes the force is strong with him. hopefully he can rid himself of all that carrottop business going on with his hair.

Christian: Chicago vs Vancouver. First round in the NHL playoffs. Predictions?

of all the canadian hockey teams that remain, the canucks are my favorite. and i dont say that just because my second most wild encounter happened there. with that said, the hawks will own the nucks. the last time they played chicago fell apart but that was the regular season. the playoffs start tonight in a way because this game secures home ice and if the hawks get it its over.

Sarah: If you weren’t raised in a religious household, how did you come to love the Lord as much as you do?

my mom thnks it was a religious household but we didnt say grace at dinner unless it was a holiday, we didnt go to church unless it was a holiday and we didnt sacrifice lambs and spread their blood on the posts of the house unless, you guessed it, it was a holiday. which believe it or not might be the reason why i have the relationship to the Lord that i do today – it wasnt forced.

Rock Baby: Do you think Patience is hotter with Blonde or Brown hair?

because Patience’s beauty comes from within shes hot regardless whats dyed into her locks. but i will say, when i first saw her in austin with blonde hair i was all “oh no now movie stars are into the Grates” cuz i thought she was some starlet. when she turned out to be Patience then that was sorta weird at first because she was previous more of an everygirl, but now shes bigger and deffer. but she should be. rock needs her help.

g/d: art project # 0: your collage would contain?

there was a time when i would rock a collage. and my truest really loves doing them. but me, i love my magazines waaaay too much to chop em up for some arts and crafts project and all that would end up being is a collection of models id wanna get drunk with and cars id wanna wreck. so mostly the cast of the hills and bmws and rolls.

Sharp: I did a post under 1000 words filled with lots of pictures, and I thought of your photo essays while I did it. What can I improve?

i say this as a poetry major. run as fast from poems as possible. theres only a tiny amount of people who can get away with poetry these days and all of those people hate themselves privately. great subject, good pics, but id even say go for performance art before you go the way of the romantics. more photo essays definatly though.

Unsilent Majority: You’re well-traveled sir. What Should I do in Washington D.C. when I go there in May? And I don’t mean give me a museum map.

because of the high density of african americans in our nations capital may i recommend any of these fine soul food establishments: Oohs and Ahhs or the Hitching Post. If you’re veggie/vegan, may i suggest Soul Vegetarian Exodus.

David: Is the big east really the best conference in college b-ball or is it just that the media

as a member of the media, i can say that we are never to blame for anything, particularly perceptions. and seeing as a state school just beat the big east champs, i guess the real fans will have to look toward the big west to fill their basketball jones.

Joe: Tony, where, oh where, could my baby be?

if youre lucky shes braiding my baby’s hair as they study for finals.