do you know i love you? i do

my truest and i have a pretty special thing going. its hard to explain. i guess i have weird relationships with everyone, but especially with those i used to hold hands with.

the other night we had a disagreement that outsiders may have understood as being a fight. but it wasnt a fight. it was two people trying to understand each other.

ive had fights with women before, in fact ive documented some of them on this url. in those fights the ladies either didnt trust me enough to try to work it out or they didnt wanna work it out or maybe they didnt want to be happy in the end. some just like to bicker, ive learned.

she and i prefer to be happy. we like to like each other. we like to push each other too, and sometimes those moments are met with resistance, but for the most part we can talk or yell or whisper or grunt at each other and because theres always that layer of trust and love we can get through it.

the other day i just wanted to eat and have a shot of some rum because i was so frustrated that i wasnt connecting with my soul mate. but we couldnt hang up the phone cuz we were so unfamiliar with disagreeing like that.

but we did hang up, and the next day we didnt chat online but that night she called me and said she was sorry and i said no im sorry she said no im sorry i said no im the worst man alive. and she said no im just in a weird place. and i said no, the man should take responsibility if hes leading the dance and if life is dancing with the stars the man is to blame if they lose and the woman should be celebrated if they win. and she said no, and i said yes and there we were fighting again but in a sweet way.