grates were on fire last night

being monday spaceland was packed because admission was free and there were two, count em two big bands fixin to play: nico stai and australias the grates.

grates took the stage first at 10pm which was a huge mistake for nico because Patience has a way of stealing a crowd and making you forget that there are any other bands in existence.

she woos the boys she woos the girls, she dances like a freak with ants in her pants, she smiles she jokes she is clearly having the most fun of anyone in the house and that joy is contagious.

silver lake and particularly Spaceland can come across as too-cool-for-school and judgmental and jaded and for the first half of the 45 minute set the crowd just stood there and watched. they may have had smiles on their faces but they didnt bop their heads they didnt dance they just witnessed their own baptism.

it wasnt until near the end of the set did they realize “oh, theyre good and these songs are instantly approachable and easy to get. fine, we’ll allow ourselves to party” and thats when the dance party started.

which was too bad for nico and his band of jersey boys because when a crowd peaks at 10:45pm on a school night and you dont hit the stage till 11:15 then once again the grates have won.

we know this in part because the grates’ merch sold out (except for Mens shirts, size small, perfect for the echo park hipster on your twitter feed) and there were plenty of crud from everyone else.

because i got there a tad late i got to see the entirety of spaceland entranced by Patience and it took a while to wend my way into the main rock area and then a few more song to get to the front row. no one was moving, no one was leaving to get beers, and no one was peeing. they all wanted to see what magic was inside this trio (plus their pal on keyboards).

that mystery remains but you can investigate it on their US release Gravity Wont Get You High, and their import only (get it on ebay) Teeth Lost, Hearts Won.

word from the band is they will return to the states in the summer so get ready to find a new band to totally love.