i enjoy devil music.

a lot. so when i heard something evil wrap around the corner i followed it like a fat kid smelling brownies cooling on a windowsill

the band was valiant thor. i was in immediately. i didnt wanna leave. i didnt leave.

i wanted to see the Circle Jerks but then i thought, why? these dudes are kicking my ass like five times a second

then i saw a line forming across the way. the grates were going to play so i went in.

but first i saw a cool all girl folkie band out in the street

then i went back to the radio room. while waiting, there was another band in a tent in the back. a crazy guy singing. never heard of What Laura Said but they were into it and they were fun to photograph

somewhere in there i ducked out and saw the Von Bondies then ducked back

but then i ran back to see The Grates, who were amazing. of course. as always

Patience is now a blonde, and wore something from Raymi’s closet.

i doubt tonight will be as fun. how could it be? although on my short list of bands to see tonight are Juliette, Tori Amos, Lil Jon, The Ancestors, Hank IV, and Marching Band.