i think i thought of a good series

something that could only be done properly here at sxsw.

these days and nights have gone very quickly. but they are very good.

i have meet a few long time busblog readers who have come up to me and introduced themselves. one guy even took his picture with me.

very very nice.

when there arent a gazillion comments sometimes i feel like its just me and the google spiders proving each others existence, but when people either write me out of the blue or come up and say hi, it reminds me that this mic is on.

and its hot.

speaking of… tonight we party and tomorrows the last day of sxsw interactive.

then the rock comes in town. 1900 bands.

and here are some of the rumored bands i have heard in the halls and seen on twitter:

motley crue, janes addiction, kanye west, metallica.

bad news is im leaving on saturday and two of those rumored acts are rumored to rock on saturday night.

but i’ll make due.


with your help, as always.