im listening to a panel called “can social media end racism”

although they agree that it cant end it “it’s like brushing your teeth, you can never brush them enough and stop,” but you have to try to keep it from taking over.

they have three goals of social media to spread knowledge: create a refuge, mobilizing your base

earlier they were asked to recall their favorite racist moment online recently. of course the first example includes Sean Hannity. but later Jay Smooth says, “I couldn’t pick out 1 favorite racist moment. Each one is like a snowflake. And every YouTube video is like a blizzard” and then he shows us a youtube thread where people come out of the woodwork to spread the hate and ignorance.

later j smooth steals the show with one of his youtube videos that coaches that you should approach people about “what they did” and “what they said” instead of “who they are”. his blog is called

right now theres a tie as to who’s funnier, him or Angry Asian Man who says that most of what he blogs about is to try to prove to his “own people” that there is racism out there. because, as he says, if his own community has their head in the sand then he’s out there alone trying to fight it.

one of the women, Latoya Peterson of Racialicious, also had a funny quip. she was recalling some of the sexist comments on one of the sites she works on. someone wrote “oh shes just angry because her vagina is so big”. she said that one of the women who read it laughed and said, “yeah that’s why i carry my laptop in it.”

the other woman, Katy Esquivel, is showing an interesting blog The Sanctuary that focuses on migrant issues.

excellent panel. very glad im here.