ive been here eight days

im exhausted. i just realized my super exclusiveo video interviewo with the grates had a smear on the lens. and i didnt have a backup memory card so i couldnt ask more questions.

i really dont wanna write about metallica or dinosaur jr. or this horrible japanese act i just saw.

but i have to. this is where the rubber meets the road. this is where they separate the men from the boys. but boy am tired.

i just wanna take a long hot shower, sleep in my own bed. eat my favorite foods. and watch my own tv.

if theres one thing thats grossing me out these days its remote controls in hotel rooms. do maids even clean those? and where are peoples hands when theyre in hotel rooms? whats going on there? then they touch the remote?

ive learned a lot of things on this trip. ive seen a lot of people fighting and crying. couples mostly. people who should be in love while theyre out here but instead theyre yelling and arguing.

i learned that relationships are like shoes.

i have these super cool converse one stars. theyre low top, they look good, they feel good. for very short distances. like if i was going to drive to a show and park and walk a block and stand at the show and walk around the place a few times, then drive home, theyre perfect.

i also have these dg basketball shoes. they dont look cool. theyre high tops, theyre dirty, they slip on they slip off. i got them with my first paycheck from Look Look.

what i realized on this trip is there are some girls that are fine for short periods. they look hot or cute but, no fault of their own, they are not long time investments.

then there are those who are way better in the long run.

maybe i had just the right amount of vodka in my red bull last night but when miss austin was holding my hand as we past one crying couple after another i whispered their problem is they talk to each other.

but it was too loud she couldnt hear me.

so i esped.

lets not talk till we say bye at the airport.

she said you took the words right outta my head.