liveblogging the panel Sex Lives of the Microfamous pt 2

3:46pm the audience is sharing things they probabaly shouldnt. they are pondering why people would disclose things in the comments of blogs and sites that they probably wouldnt want their spouses to see.

3:47p melissa says because she was writing about sex to nerds for some reason they though she was going to write “i f*#@ed steve jobs in a sling” “oh i didnt but i know someone who did.” laughter

3:48 she says shes glad she grew up queer because it prepared her for this. wait, i thought she was dating nick. im so confused.

350p a nice woman with a thick accent is talking in front. i think i met her yesterday. she has a great seater on.

351pm a woman says to her new bf “dont google me and i wont google you because i want to be present and just be with you.” later she tells someone “i have this great story but you should just read it on my blog.”

352pm a guy – hey its kris krug – says he has a rule “you can blog about me or you can date me but you cant do both”.

the busblog dont mind if the girls blog about me. why not.