liveblogging the panel Sex Lives of the Microfamous

3:30p Nick Douglas and Melissa Gira have packed the room. after nick presents the intro someone in the crowd interrupts and asks “what is the twitter hash tag for this panel?”

welcome to someones hell

#hotttsex was agreeed to within one minute.

3:35pm a man shares the tale that even though he and his wife have been married 25 years, his wife notices, and becomes annoyed that he has been friending a lot of women on Facebook.

3:36pm the room next to us is roaring in laughter. have i picked the wrong panel?

3:37pm dude with a fuzzy had and a huge camera has nealt before me.

3:38pm does anyone *not* check up on the people we date any more? does anyone say “lets go old school and not google each other”.

3:39pm for such a sexy topic the conversation is less than sexy.

3:40p a very tall man has now decided to Stand in front of me. let it be known that i am sitting in a chair near the back corner of the room.

3:41 a woman is sharing that one of her first interviews was with howard stern. she says the blogosphere got a hold of her interview and it turned her book into a success on amazon and her honesty helped her get google #1 trend.

3:43: being volcanic on google for one day, then being on tyra and dr. phil, just based on one howard interview.

not sure what the point was about all of this, but now theyre talking about KY.