liveblogging the UR blog sux and print is dead panel

lander of Stuff White People Like – got people searching for Fair Trade Coffee (which he was making fun of) and got readers 4 lyfe.

kerry miller of dont start a blog if youre trying to be internet famous. people can tell.

they are going to questions after 10 minutes. which is weird cuz theyre funny people.

first question: im actually live-tweeting this (audience groans). then asks about death threats – how do you handle it?

Huh from LOLcats tries to think of a phrase longer than 140 characters. “the base level of the Internet is douchebag.” when youre nice to people will go from threatening your life to being apologetic and very nice.

lander: a fair amount of people arent going to like me. im ok with that.

armstrong (dooce): when she gets mail to her actual house, that freaks her out because she has a PO Box thats public.

questioner: how do you explain to old

ana marie: i want to set up an adivce column for people who are internet famous because we have problems. like, some people dont know we’re famous.

Huh: its hard for me to walk down the block without cats rubbing against my leg.

cox: you get a lot of pussy then.

lander: i try, i dress like a White Guy every day…

Huh: we’re internet famous so we’re no better than Steve Urkle. in fact he walks down the street and everyone knows who he is.

lander (deadpan) : his name is Jalele White and hes moved on and done far more bigger things since Family Matters.

Dooce admits that she doesnt like reading or writing books. prefers magazines and blogs.