liveblogging the Ur blog sux panel part two

passive aggressive woman: blogging is like crack, you put it up there and you get feedback.

white people guy: you get feedback from crack?

lol cats guy: thats more like acid.


lol cats guy: i didnt write it, i bought the popular site.

white stuff guy so you earned it

lol cat guy: act like a rock star. they want you to do things on their terms. in most cases (publishers) want the talent. dont let them change what they want.

white guy: i had a great time with my book publisher. they didnt ask me to change anything.

the panel hates him.

dooce: “we’re (mommybloggers) not going to wait around.” theyre’re approached by publishers who disrespect them. i was sued by a publishing company and paid a lot of money not to write a book. it was a horrible experience.

dooce: you do not ever get to take a break. if you take two days off people are like are you ok did you die?

white guy: dont tell me to add Stuff White People Like to Stuff White People Like.

cox: i quit. it was too much. not so much the negativity. but the ability to leave the house. if you want to quit… i traded doing something that i loved but not being able to leave to house, to doing something i dont love as much but i get to meet people.

huh: you dont have to write yourself. you can plug in someone else to write the blog for you and then pay them. its called a business. it works.

question: how do you determine your boundaries as to what you wont write about?

white guy: im pretty vicious about myself. i wont write about abortion. if the asian girls post has 4000 comments… imagine what an abortion would be like.

dooce: i enjoy fostering the persona that i’d say anything. our sex life is one of them.

cox: theres nothing i wont mock.

question: all of you have made the jump to print, yet the panel is called print is dead.

miller: also our blogs suck.

white guy: its also dealing with the consequences of success. it was tough to sleep at night when his book came out because so many people wanted it to fail. people really do want you to fail.

dooce: i was misquoted in an interview. why would musicians have a hard time dealing with fame? youre suddenly aware that 100 to 1000 to 100k people hate you. it can screw with your head.

question: books and blogs – a combo of great voice with great ideas. does voice matter.

white guy: idea and execution. if its just a voice its hard for things to grow.

passive agressive woman: lots of people have great ideas. its hard to get off your ass and doing it.

question: how do you deal with AOL newbie speak without wanting to kill yourself?

LOL guy: i have a degree with how to write. northwestern. language evolves. its going to change.

white guy: when did we agree that animals talk? later… i was a TA for four years, its not the comments that are the only places where language is LOL bad. the college kids cant write. if you write about Race in any way, the UR in the comments is the least of your problem.