me and karisa went to the shiny toy guns secret show on saturday

theyre one of her favorite bands of the moment.

sadly i wasnt that into it, though i can be easily pleased by cool people, free booze, and an intimate setting.

my problem with the band is the lead dude in the salad bowl hat and cape seemed to want to dominate the stage. he didnt give much room to the hot babe singer and seems to me that he could of since the show wasnt at a rock club and he could have arranged the stage any way he wanted.

she had like three inches in which to dance around and at every chance he looked to be elbowing her out of the way.

because she saw the last singer quit or get fired or whatever (im ignorant to their history) she made due with what she had and jumped around happily.

but the future of this band isnt to be a rush powerwindows era meets a watered down ministry. its future, to my ears, is if they featured the female vocals more and muscle in on all the terrority that Garbage established and has now retreated from.

saw lenora claire who looked fabulous, got to meet the artist behind the video – stills of which were flashed behind the band. but we were really won over by the dj who spun the modern mixes flawlessly.