the president doesnt think that growing pot legally and taxing it

is a good way to “grow the economy”

president hope n change just crushed millions of stoners around the nation today. the white house had its online town hall meeting and lots of people wanted to know from the commander n chief if during this period of economic downturn if ending the war on a drug that is getting lots of people high might be one way to improve our economy.

some lawmakers here in california seem to think that it could mean that the $14 billion cash crop could generate over $1 billion annually to the state’s coffers, if not more when you consider how much we pay to prosecute and jail growers sellers and users of the versatile plant.

while every other question mr obama took he greeted in a serious manner, the matter of legalizing marijuana was brushed past so quickly and with such little explanation that the kids on digg cried (coughed?) foul.

-laughing tears: “What’s he been smoking?”

– diggitydingdongdiggitydingdong: “C’mon, the man inhaled.”

– mr fuzz: “could the money for enforcement be used for something more productive ?”

– rancemo: “FTA: ‘I don’t know what this says about the online audience’

“Obviously this is his way of discrediting the internet, as if we’re all a bunch of idiots.

“Abolish the whole federal government! Really, what do they do that can’t be done without them? They’re just a bunch of violent thieving thugs — organized crime at it’s worst!”

and this is just a small sample from those who have commented in the last few hours. the post is on the precipice of going popular on Digg and then the Digg crowd will pile on like mad. just watch.

and pop the popcorn because of this: Digg users have shown that they absolutely support Obama just as much as they support the end of the war on drugs. here we have an issue that they are passionate about thats in direct opposition with their favorite politician in an instance where they see some hypocrisy because it was just five years ago that Obama said, “We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws.” The president said nothing close to that today.