prince to play three shows in LA – on the same day – with three different bands

from your man Scott Sterling at Pop n Hiss:

According to the latest press release, the site goes fully live on March 24 as a subscription-based portal, offering fans access to the new music, as well as unleashing a torrent of extremely rare concert footage from his entire career. Ranging from early shows to his already-mythologized appearance at Coachella 2008, Purple People who ante up the annual $77 fee can download all three of the new albums and all of the requisite goodies that come with them (lyrics, photos, etc).

But for L.A-area Prince fans, March 24 will be especially juicy, with the artist planning on performing no less that three different shows in the city at three different locations, and with a unique band at each stop. Details are promised on over the days to come.

isnt that soon from now?