Sex Lives of the Microfamous panel liveblog part three

357pm a close shaved woman says that the woman who she was having sex with stated clearly that she would write about the liasons but she would do it under a fake name. a man says thats weird. people are now defending the blogger because “its so important” for us to learn. especially about things that we dont talk about honestly like our sex lives.

358pm a woman says theres always been people writing about sex, but the internet gives more people a distrobution platform.

359pm: man: can i say one more thing?
melissa: no because you talk alot

4pm: nick: “(im) worst person to sleep your way to the top.”
melissa: “some said i got my job at valley wag because i f’ed nick. but i got it because i f’ed my editor who’s gay?”

4:01 fuzzy hair guy is saying that he jumps out of planes, shrooms with cage fighters, sleeps on couches.

i bet you that hat gets you a lot of girls. well you gotta be careful what kind of girls it is cuz it might end up in the internet.

4:02pm – the topic is now “leveraging who you f– to get ahead” NOW do you wish you were here?

4:03pm a woman with purple streaks is worried about being “that girl” if her sex tapes get out. shes worried cuz “it’s facebook, man.” she says the people who are professionals in her life will help her get ahead, not the people she sleeps with.

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