she said why do we even talk to each other?

why dont we just smile and do this every night?

i said you said a mouth full.

she said all talking ever leads to is me getting to know you and the more i get to know you the more i dont want to do this every night.

i said, to know me is to want to know anyone else.

she said and lets not ever go to your house again. lets just travel a lot and do this here.

i said, perhaps we could agree to a code. text me with a 1 if you want me to speed over to your house, text me a 2 if you want me to get to LAX in an hour with my bags packed.

she said on the plane we’ll just hold hands and read magazines.

i said, no talking.

she said, none.

i said im esping to you right now.

she said, im trying not to hear it because its a lot like talking.

i said im esping that i love you.

she said, see, thats almost exctly like talking.

i said but im esping something nice.

she said doesnt matter nice turns into not nice. its like the seasons. there you are sitting on the beach in july and all that means is decemeber is just 4-5 month away.

we stopped, then we were quiet for a while. then i esped but what if we promise just to esp nice things.

she esped but then what of the mean things/ if you esp nice things then the silence becomes the mean things. the silence is golden. dont make it not golden.

and then a crazy woman in a bacon car sped by and we laughed.

promise you’ll never speak to me again, she said, with tears of joy in her eyes.

oh i promise i said

and this morning i woke up at noon because my iphone chirped notifying me that as i dozed i had received an sms text message.

a simple digit glowed in the screen.

i saw it, disrobed, except for my top hat, and knew she was doing the same.