something for tony

the busblog hasnt asked much of you all in quite a while. used to be a time when id ask my lovely readers for money, or dates, or really outrageous things. but in the last few years, to be honest, i havent needed a damn thing.

today i need your help.

a few months ago i switched servers. it was a move that was seamless for most of you. i quietly moved from the sweet soft servers of Nothing Special over to the industrial strength love of canadas Media Temple.

all was well except for one thing – Google started indexing the busblog as if it was some new thing. and the search results that this 8 1/2 year old blog used to get naturally were suddenly not there.

the most damaging was the result for my name, tony.

so this is what im asking of you. lots of you link to me, and for that im indebted, big time. but many of you link to me as “tony pierce” or “da blogfather” or “my babys daddy” ect. and sometimes you link to my how to blog rules or to just

all of those things are super nice, but lets try this one thing.

just link to me using the single word “tony”, and make the url

once there was a time when this humble blog would rank in the top 3 simply for “tony”, and even though im now in the front page of results for that word Ocassionally, if we organized who knows what might happen.

so if you could, and would, change your links that would be oh so swell.

gratzi, tony