surviving scandal live blog

with guest star Irene from the Real World

medium sized room at the hilton half way filled.

rule 1. dont panic. “no matter how bad you think it is on valleywag, it’s probably not that bad.”

theyre now trying to define what is a scandal. “something that you dont want out there” “damaging” “damaging to reputation”

one company that was in a scandal bought up a lot of google keywords so they could explain their side and diffuse the problem or at least have a voice in the conversation.

now a british woman is talking about her british sex scandal.

blah blah blah i space out. they introduce a woman (pictured, in green shirt) who was in the Real World. she was the one who got slapped in the Seattle season.

“it kind of makes all the top reality show moments.” she says.

at the end of the day it’s a woman being assaulted.

“if you dont give them stuff, they cant make a story out of it.”

“the people who are going to love you will love you, the other people will believe what they want to believe.”

she regrets going on E! True Hollywood Story.