theres a law in California that says you cant use your cell phone while youre driving

i gotta say its one of the few laws i break regularly and im glad to see that this meter maid and the lady next to her MUST be on the phone while in traffic.

i guess i dont HAVE to be on the phone when im driving home at night, but i really dont like being on the phone when im home unless its with my mom or my truest or karisa so its nice to get phone stuff handled before i throw on my running gear.

last night i obeyed the recommendation of mr geoff boucher who suggested that i buy the new metallica album Death Magnetic and see how that does on my run. it did me quite well. gotta say im pleasantly surprised by how truly rockin it is.

not crappy, metallica. not crappy at all.

photo by Lord Jim via flickr, ht LAist