today is @ev ‘s birthday

when he helped create he was just ev, but now that he helped create twitter he is @ev.

@ev is partially responsible for the busblog and one of the main reasons that i have stayed loyal to Blogger.

@ev is not just a really smart man but almost everything he has touched has broken

and then it turned to gold.

recently @ev went to washington to meet with our president of the united states @barackobama. i believe that one thing he was able to teach the president was how to deal with things when they are broken and breaking so that you can reap the rewards once it’s fixed.

anyone can create something good. but how many can create something thats good, that has flaws, that runs across negative issues, that can then come out victorious in the end?

not many.

our economy is going through that right now, and who better than @ev to coach @president about the @disaster.

one thing i like about @ev is he keeps his team small. the Blogger team was about a dozen people or less. currently, believe it or not, the Twitter team is just 25 people. i also like that he took a good chunk of those blogger teammates and had them work with him at Twitter.

i also like that he is leading this new thing and not some douche from silicon valley.

i trust @ev.

i think everyone does, which is why Twitter is secretly doing so well.

happy birthday @ev! thanks for blogger, which has gotten me everything in my adult life that i could ask for, and now its fun to teach these crazy people at the LA Times about blogging and twittering (two things i do a majority of my days.)

bottoms up!

update: just found this interesting video interview i did with @ev in November of ’06 when Twitter was just a few months old. for some reason it got edited poorly in the middle but its still cool: