today is lindsay’s birthday

technically she sits next to me

astrologically they say that pisces and libra will probably only meet each other because of work because we roll in different orbits and probably wouldnt get a long. but id say we get along quite well and together we’ve done ok with the blogs.

lindsay asked for and received the day off to go to disneyland but before she left she compiled some “fun facts” that appeared in our boss meredith’s letter to the staff today. in these monthly letters meredith talks about the cool new things we’re up to (like this month was the launch of the mapping la project and the relaunch/redesign of la now), she goes over the most viewed stories, and then reports on what happened on the blogs, video, photo, and everything we do online like the amaaaaaaazing mexico under siege series.

this month she reported that we had an alltime record in pageviews, with over 17 million. there were some interesting LA-based stories in february from octomom to rihanna to the oscars and its nice to see that when people want to read about those things they’re coming to our blogs more and more. From the Readers Rep Journal:

Our blogs broke a traffic record for February – impressive given it was a short month. Three blogs had more than a million page views. A warm welcome to Pete Thomas and his Outposts into the top 10. Congrats to Dodger Thoughts and Idol Tracker -– both new blogs -– on their strong showings. Blogs with an asterisk broke individual page view records.

1. Dish Rag – 3,224,676 *
2. L.A. Now – 2,443,674 *
3. Top of the Ticket – 1,276,706
4. Gold Derby – 898,618 *
5. Pop & Hiss – 739,750 *
6. Show Tracker – 678,270
7. Fabulous Forum – 576,199
8. Lakers – 528,093
9. Technology – 527,553
10. Outposts – 426,816 *
11. L.A. Unleashed *
12. Idol Tracker *
13. Dodger Thoughts
14. Hero Complex
15. L.A. Land
16. Daily Mirror *
17. Comments Blog *
18. All the Rage
19. Booster Shots
20. Culture Monster *

Fun facts from Lindsay Barnett:
* Last February we had an all-time traffic record with 5,764,230 PVs. We almost tripled it this month.
* Dish Rag’s traffic this February was almost 15 times what it was a year ago.
* L.A. Now’s traffic this February was more than 10 times what it was a year ago.

there are many tales behind those numbers and one of them involves Lindsay. because of promotions and people moving around, the animal blog Unleashed found itself needing some tlc. lindsay took it over and she was so close to breaking into the top ten with no spikes from digg or links from drudge or anything other than grade a blogging.

also prepare to see the dodgers blog, dodger thoughts, to break the top ten next month. bro gets 200+ comments on many of his posts and spring training just started. wait till theres a) a fella named manny playing b) actual games.

anyways i hope lindsay had a nice birthday. none of the success of the lat blogs could have happened without her. shes the not so secret weapon of our little dept.