today is raymi the minx’s birthday

shes 23

i often call raymi the worlds greatest blogger but thats only in her dreams.

im of course the worlds greatest blogger, but raymi is my favorite one.

she does everything right. everything perfect. everything the way it should be.

she blogs every day, she shows you everything, she tells you everything.

she writes about being mad or sad or good or bad. she takes photos of just about everything other than her poop.

she videos herself cooking and cleaning and drinking and mixing drinks and dancing and stripping and riding in a car and lounging with sass.

raymis always up to something. shes always doing something.

her blog is in motion.

hyper motion.

its her secret sauce.

it makes it perfect.

it doesnt hurt that she can look great in anything,

it also doesnt hurt that her bf is an excellent photographer, and an absolute gentleman with excellent taste in music.

oh im sorry did i say boyfriend, i meant fiance.

its amazing that raymi hasnt become a reality tv star by now but thats probably because shes from canada.

americas toupee.

upon which raymi is the hello kitty barrette.