today was my boss’s last day at work

now shes off to deliver a little baby boy. shes an incredible leader and will be a great mom. today we had some delicious ice cream cake to celebrate the upcoming delivery, and since her favorite part of the busblog is Ask Tony, here are this weeks answers

xtx: Why do I deserve you?

as the catholics say, “im not worthy to receive you…” which means you must not be catholic.

flagrant: How much do you miss my blog?

{——————————— this much ——————————–}

PatZ: what are your top three trade predictions for the NHL?

gretz will get traded back to the oilers, makita will get dealt to the flames, and orr will go to the panthers.

Keira-Anne: What are your top three predictions for ME in 2009, oh Magic 8 Tony?

you will no longer be single, you will dye yr hair black, and you will get traded to the ducks.

Danielle: how much do you miss my blog?

{——————————— omg this much ——————————–}

Basart: Why is Leonard Cohen fourth on Friday’s Coachella lineup list, while The Killers are first on Saturday’s?

im not sure when the last time you went to coachella, ken, but i was there last year and the year before and i saw lots of tshirts on kids. wanna guess how many said Leonard Cohen? not as many as said Free Leonard Peltier. anyways when the top of the bill also includes a beatle and a smith, theres not a lot of room for old dudes named Lenny. Lemmy maybe, but… The Killers are first on Saturday’s list because if you want the ladies to come out to the desert youve gotta give em something to look at. also i hear there will be a suprise saturday headliner announced sometime soon.

bloopy: so when’s tsar’s next album coming out?. . . and as long as i’m asking about cd releases, what about rocket?. . .

tsar will not have another album. something about the economy. their side project, however, is another story. funny you should mention Rocket. i talked with lauren rocket on facebook this week and she told me they replaced the hot dark haired guitarist with a new dark haired hot guitarist. they also switched out drummmers as they seem to do about every 16 months. its a union thing.

Don: starting qb for the my Vikings, Sage or TJ? and how about my Boston Bruins, is this their year, (he asked with fingers crossed)??

neither. im hearing michael vick. bruins will win it all, so uncross your fingers.

g/d: what’s the what, Warhol or Murakami ?

i love kanyes music and murakami is cool and all, but until bro can get away with even a fraction of the shenanigans that my boy andy pulled, including producing a Velvet Underground record, then he can talk. until then its Andy foreverz.

porknbeanz55: what were people’s reactions to the L.A. Times axing the California section?

most of the reaction i heard and read from people who cherish local news here in LA loved it because there was local news on page one, page two, page three, page four… as someone who grew up in Chicago, i was initially put back when I came here and saw that id have to flip through an entire section of the LAT to get to the LA part. so i am just as happy with this improvement as many of those who ive talked with about this.

Sharp: Favourite style of panties? Why?

pretty hard to beat boy shorts on the wrong girl.

Vinny: Who would win in a fight, a taco or a grilled cheese sandwich?

as someone who has faught both a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich, let me say this, soft tacos are a piece of cake. but hard tacos, especially if the shell is stale can do some damage and you have to watch out if the salsa is extra picante. with that said cheese can clog your arteries when youre not looking. thus stick to fighting soft tacos whenever possible.

g/d: sex drugs & ________.

kirsten dunst movies.

4rilla: Busblog Fantasy Baseball? I have runnerup status to defend!

busblog league 1 will have its live draft next saturday the 14th at noon pacific.
League ID#: 87018
League Name: busblog
Password: gocubs

raspberry: Do you still love me, even though I don’t take naughty photos all the time?

i love canadian girls the closer they live to canada, the singler they are, and the more they send me nude pix. because youve moved to america, gotten hitched, and put on yr clothes my love for you has decreased slightly. fortunately nothing in here is true. thanks for the pics.

anti: What should an ambitious journalism student’s 5-year-plan look like?

year one, write every day (xcept Sundays) for a blog like LAist
year two, learn video editing and do a video interview every day with someone
year three, take photos every day for a blog like LAist
year four, take HTML, CSS, javascript, SEO, and flash classes. also read every book by hemingway and tolstoy.
year five, create a blog called Dead Blog. every day write an obituary.

when youre done with this plan you will probably be more prepared for modern journalism than 99% of the kids in j school today.

lemei: fight or flight?

the lord gave us two fists two knees two elbows and zero wings for a reason. eff em up and blog about it.