ur blog sux and print is dead live blog part three

dooce: my readers saved my life by suggesting that i go to treatment because of post-partum depression.

question: how do you keep making it funny. do you gravitate to more serious material

white guy: im done with serious material.

cox: heather’s

dooce: i walk away at 6pm, i dont write on the weekends, i don’t twitter on the weekends. i know people think i blog in my underwear, which is a nice image now that im 6 months pregnant. but creative work is extraordinarily exhausting. i need to have my brain breathe.

passiveagressive woman: could you speak about cashing checks?

dooce: i am ready for the bottom to fall out at any moment.

LOL: i think being frugal is really important. yay cat pictures. do people actually advertise on a blog with cat pictures? me and my wife are so frugal. we eat ramen and pet our dog all night.

cox: the only industry that has a more fuct business model than blogging is book publishing. at wonkette she got $12 a post. book publishing has set her free.