when i told people i was traveling on friday the 13th everyone was alll oooooooo

i didnt think id be in any plane crash. but i should have predicted, however, that maybe i should have been nervous about my hotel sorta screwing me over.

no internet.

hi im here for an internet festival.

and im supposed to be covering it.

hi i just discontinued my air card because verizon was charging me $60 a month and i barely used it cuz theres wifi everywhere you go these days.

except in my hotel room.

a room that costs so much money because of its relative location to sxsw ground zero that i originaly thought it was totally worth it but now im thinking you dont get what you pay for.

at least it has a great view.

good news to its relative location is theres perfectly good wifi here despite the fact that everyone is using cell phones and laptops and a variety of other devices.

i am in the adobe day stage cafe right now because of its relative location to food drink and smaller speakers who get up there for 15 minutes and go for it.

in an hour and a half i need to find some wifi so i can commish a live fantasy draft. and then after that i think im gonna see sk smith moderate a panel called Suxorz.

then i think i will drink heavilly.

hopefully for the right reasons.


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