yesterday was lowercase carmens birthday

shes now 22

i have no idea why she doesnt like this photo, maybe because smelly danielley is all up in her grill? maybe its a pisces thing. anyways ive been reading carmen for years now and when i got to meet her two summers ago i think i was as starstruck as ive ever been meeting a blogger.

for some reason i didnt think she was real until she was right there in front of me.

i like that. it doesnt happen that often, but when it does it makes me happy that i left my home. staycations are overrated!

carmen lives in montreal just to show off. her english is parfait and im sure her french is too. she hints at wanting to go to grad school at usc or ucla but those would just be beautiful dreams. deep down canadian girls embrace the snow and ice and gray skies. the endless sun and palm trees would just confuse them and make them want to run home immediately.


around christmas carmen visited her grandma in italy and blogged about it and all was well. she also dabbles in modeling and enjoys hello kitty. so if you are in MTL and want to deliver a belated birthday gift, now you know what to get.

bonne anniversarie, carmen!