today is JaG’s birthday

only dutchgirl ive ever kissd, today she turns 24.

a long time ago she emailed me that she had a blog, it was pretty good so i bookmarked it and that was that.

some might say that she was more smitten with me before i was with her

some would say that now the tables are turned and i like her more than she likes me

there are a lot of firsts with JaG n me, for example shes the first girl i ever ate sushi with in canada

id love to say that she was the first to send me pics of herself in a plaid skirt, but i will say she sent me the first plaid skirt pic from europe. and for that reason alone i gladly say Happy Birthday JaG, and i hope you get some wooden shoes or something wooden today over there in amsterdamn

i had to do some xbi work today

and i went into an xbi building

because theyre always trying to eff with your head, it doesnt surprise me that here in this brand new building they have these elevators that only stop on every third floor

MAKING YOU get off and use the stairs to get to the other floors

very John Malchovician

very xbian

sorta funny when you least xpect it.

and yes i got paid in cash.

Not all fish is sushi, not all fish tales end in comedy.

Jeff Twaddle is the early favorite of this year’s Darwin Award:

Last Friday, Twaddle was trying to entertain a group of about 20 elementary students when he put a bait fish in his mouth as a joke, officials said. The fish became severely lodged in his throat and Twaddle quickly lost consciousness, said Long Beach Fire Department Battalion Chief Frank Hayes.

Twaddle was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

you can read the rest on KTLA’s site.

Some say the kids will probably be traumatized but I think they learned a valuable lesson.