wanna see snoop dogg? better go to a dogg park tomorrow in hollywood or silver lake

From a source familiar with Mr. D-O-double-G heres how you get a wristband tomorrow for Tuesday night’s Snoop Dogg show:

Apparently, they’re going to be giving away wristbands for this event TOMORROW,
Sat Apr 4th at THREE “dogg parks” in L.A. —
Runyan Canyon, Griffith Park and Silver Lake parks.
NO contest entry, NO “give us your email so we can spam you”
Just show up at 3pm at one of those parks
and from what I’m told it should be obvious where they’re being distributed.

In completely unrelated news, I just wrote a post on the Top of the Ticket blog about Carlos Santana disagreeing with Obama about the legalization of pot and while he was at it he dissed the Governator.

Dear Tony, i work at an apple store and today i had a really bad day

It was so bad that i wanted to quit for the first time. I really enjoy working at the apple store but today nothing went right and everyone I spoke with had really hard questions and they weren’t very nice about anything. I know that you’re a pc, but maybe you can help out a Busblog reader who works at the Genius Bar.

Dear Genius,

while its true that i have a few windows machines, and my work computer is a dell, i have been using a MacBook pro a lot recently and ive been pleasantly surprised by its reliability and ease of use. i had a macbook before a few years ago but maybe there was something wrong with it because i freakin love this newer one.

anyways everybody has bad days at work. and i know i talk a lot of crap about E! but it was there that i experienced a pretty awesome work ethic. people got paid crap there when i was there but still there was a motto that youve probably heard before in the entertainment world “the show must go on”.

on one level it meant that no matter what happened early in the day or what was happening up to the live broadcast, you had to complete the task, you had to put on the show. that meant maybe youd be down a camera man, or maybe your audio guy was sick but you couldnt fixate on it because ultimately it didnt matter: you had to make television.

we had a lot of live shows at E! and most of them were really important to the network. things like golden globe red carpet, oscars, grammys… one one hand of course somethings going to go wrong, but on the other hand who cares muscle through it.

it taught me that when there are no timeouts or chicken exits, people can actually create mini miracles. and not only does the show go on, but often times it comes out just as good as when everyones having a good day.

hopefully you wont have too many trying days at the genius bar. i realize that people are really attached to their computers and they might flare up on guys like you who might have bad news for them. but trust me, whatever skillz youre learning at the apple store, you’re also learning things that you’ll probably use later in your life. handling pressure situations is a valuable skill. so when your back is up against it the only really bad thing you can do is quit.

if it feels like the devil is right there in your presence it might be cuz he really is: giving you a pop final exam.

just like in video games, if you can succeed at that level, the scary monster dies, you graduate to a new level and everything will be mellow again for a little while. the show goes on.