do you know i love you? i do

by you i mean of course Jesus. for dying for our sins today.

i love a lot of people. probably more than i should.

but when it comes to suffering for them, i dont do a very good job of that. i would have made a pretty rotten Jesus.

one thing i love about the bible is Jesus, and God before Him, wasnt the peace lovin hippie that people paint him out as being. there was a lot of ass kicking in the old testament and the new testament shows an often gruff Jesus snapping at people and talking in circles and showing a bunch of “tough love” as opposed to flowery Deep Thoughts.

thats a Messiah i can get behind because when you think about it, He was here for some serious ass business, so when people didnt automatically believe in Him it made sense that he got pissed off and irritated and angry and vengeful – despite himself.

to me that brings credence to the difficult idea of man being made in God’s image.

we get pissed off and irritated and angry when people dont “get it”. Effers im God – quit making clay “gods” and burning incense to them when you get scared – im RIGHT EFFING HERE! peter denied him three times before the cock crowed, phillip asked him to show him the Father – and these were disciples!

good friday was good because He didn’t have to slum around with us any more. He did his time as a man and he was out. in fact he couldnt leave fast enough. when He was on the cross and He hadn’t died yet He yelled to the sky “why has thou forsaken me!”

or as Rancid sings “waitin for the busses but the busses wont come.”

its good friday but im working because the news has gotta come out. im working because God has blessed me with exactly what i asked for, and you really should be careful for what you ask for because sometimes God will answer yr prayers, and often He will chuckle as He does it.