on hearing that harry kalas died

today, the great broadcaster of the phillies

and the voice of God on nfl films,

a little birdie texted me and said “think good things”

but there were still so much to hate!

“good things” she re-tweeted.

i love that the cubs are on fire

and that its warm in LA

and fukudome walked three times today

but everyone died today pretty much

tony, much respect…

But “The Return of Jackie and Judy” shouldn’t be on that list. Weakest song on that LP if you ask me. – Merle

I’d wager Mr. Tom Waits would disagree.

“The Return Of Jackie And Judy”
(written by the Ramones for “End of the Century”)
Tom Waits
“We’re a Happy Family, a Tribute to the Ramones” & “Orphans”

Jackie is a punk, Judy is a runt
They went down to the Mudd Club
And they both got drunk

Jackie is a bookie, Judy’s taking loans
They both came up to New York
Just to see the Ramones

And oh, I don’t know why she wrote that letter
Oh no, oh no
Oh I don’t know why
We won’t forget her, oh no

Jackie’s playing hooky
Judy’s playing pool
They both got caught for cutting
Got to go to summer school

Jackie’s scalping tickets
Judy’s getting harassed
They both got kicked outside
Didn’t have a backstage pass

And oh, I don’t why she wrote that letter
Oh no, oh no
And oh, I don’t know why,
Dont’t know what’s on her mind
I don’t know, no, I don’t know

But I can’t stand to see her cryin’
She’s still cryin’, she ain’t tryin’
She’s going to get left behind
Nobody wants you, nobody wants you

today is turning out to be a horrible day

first marilyn chambers, now mark “the bird” fidrych has bitten the big one

although i doubt they’ll do it – because today is opening day for a lot of clubs, including the Cubs who one hit the Rockies – ESPN should really do an extended Obit on The Bird, because he brought a lot of love to baseball.

this was a guy who would talk to the ball, and wave at the outfielders after a great catch, and of course smooth out the mound with his hand – obsessively.

i was lucky enough to see him play once and he got shelled and he whipped his glove into the 7th row of the seats behind the Tigers’ dugout.

like you should.

i hope whoever got that glove isnt auctioning it off today on ebay.

because my paypal account is pretty low.

like me.

phil spector has been convicted of 2nd degree murder

but he will always be the inventor of the wall of sound to me

and better than that, the producer of one of my favorite Ramones albums “End of the Century” which included such classics as

1. “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?” (Ramones) – 3:50
4. “Chinese Rock” (Dee Dee Ramone, Richard Hell) – 2:28
5. “The Return of Jackie and Judy” (Ramones) – 3:12
7. “Baby, I Love You” (Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich) – 3:47
8. “I Can’t Make It on Time” (Ramones) – 2:32
10. “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” (Ramones) – 2:38

but yeah, a jury said he’s a killer, which just adds another page to rock’s rich tapestry of tragedy

and another thing for all these people who are quitting their blogs

thats just what the terrorists want.

i realize some of you have boyfriends or xboyfriends who have gotten into yr heads and thats the real reason why yr not blogging any more.

all i have to say to that is, thank god Emily Dickinson didnt care what her boyfriend or xboyfriend thought.

thank god Sylvia Plath and Courtney Love and Dooce never cared what people thought. they just wrote.

can you imagine if Raymi the Minx was all “omg i have xbfs, i have to now stop writing about my life, i have to stop being creative, i have to close this window to my world – because of someone i love/hate.”

men cause enough problems on this planet, please, ladies, dont let them effect the narrative of your development.

know that any devil voice in your head that is telling you to stop, is the same devil voice that whispers in the ears of anyone with an interesting tale to tell.

make it anonymous, make a new url, make something new. do something that will protect your identity, and for god sake if you are cutting off the rest of the world because of some d-bag – give me that dudes name and information and i will solve the problem posthaste.

i swear to Eddie that this is true.