black steel in the honour of chaos

Allan: I just saw Jenny Lewis at her Coachella warmup show in Sacramento. Jenny was great, but her drummer Barbara is my new favorite musician ever. Has anything like that ever happened to you?

when i worked at e! a long long time ago i worked with a young lady named hathaway who was crazy about this band called rilo kiley. shed watch them play anywhere, never missed a show. no matter how hard she hyped them i didnt like em then and i dont like em now. but i just saw jenny lewis from coachella and she completely won me over. have i ever fallen for a musician while watching them play? ive seen the donnas several times. i think ive fallen for each of them at different shows.

katie: how do you get over a broken heart?

ive never gotten over anything, ever. matt welch says im more like a teenage girl than teenage girls.

BobD: Do you think former NFL running back Travis Henry has taken the lead as most messed up former pro jock?

other than OJ? probably todd marijuanavich.

dvl: i’ve got the tomdog…. who wants a lick?

had the pleasure of hanging with the former bassist of rogue cheddar saturday night with aj, jeanine, a gentleman who makes toys, and a woman who worked for metal blade in the 80s. we ate at the delicious kanpai and then had a couple rounds at the custom hotel bar.

Keira-Anne: You go on a lot of really cute, sweet dates. What was your best/favorite date ever and what made it so rad? P.S. Like how I said “favorite” instead of “favourite”? I’m culturally sensitive like that.

ive had some amazing first dates in my day. some wild and exotic. some crazy and extravagant. some totally like hi i just met you and youre naked? but cute, sweet? that would probably have to go the first time i kissed my first girlfriend. we saw “wargames” and i had totally planned on seeing if shed let me hold her hand in the movie, but the movie was so good that i completely spaced out. so the next week we went to “the man with two brains” and even though i love steve martin, i was able to remember to try to hold her hand, and after she let me i had the courage to kiss her in her driveway when i dropped her off, and there you have it.

vinny: Which movie did you like better, dumb and dumber or old school??

i think everyone was shocked at how good dumb and dumber ended up being, but old school is one of those absolutely perfect movies. an instant classic.

Mike: your thoughts [on this]?

theres a lot wrong with what went down there. as far as im concerned, they’re simply a search engine. they dont host those torrents. but if you rely on big businesses or even the courts to understand breakthrough technology, its your own fault. meanwhile record companies should just give it away, have ads on the ends, and make money off dvds and singles.

Ophelia Mourne: What would You do for a Klondike bar?

not much, they always taste like freezer burn to me.

Kris: Do you want to start an 80’s hair band with me?

i do but i want my wig to catch fire during the encore as i bang the flaming gong behind my drum set.