the end of coachella

when the cure played the hollywood bowl last year, they wowed us all with a long set and 5 encores(!). last night at coachella, even though the british band was told after their second encore that this would be the last one – ONE – they played three songs and had the power cut on them.

robert and the boys played on

and the crowd sang on

as sweet as it looks in this video, i sure woulda liked to have seen them pull that stuff on the old beetle.

today was the last day of the metromixers upstairs on the 5th floor

everyone had their boxes. they’re moving to the second floor to rock brandx.

sarah and i ate sushi for lunch like we used to do with ali, but alas, alis working her dreamjob.

she imed me from vegas, where her gchat status message said that she was shocked to find herself at circus circus for even a few minutes.

shes just there for today and tomorrow morning.

so jealous.

today someone asked me if twitter would ruin blogging. i told them that yes, twitter would take a few bloggers away.

but those are the ones who probably wouldnt be that great of bloggers anyways.

so good, let em tweet.

everyone except for JaG, who needs to get it together and come back to the place that loves her.

speaking of blogging, did you see Pop n Hiss cover Coachella? Jesus, man. soooo good.

LA Times wins another Pulitzer

first a cheer came up from the metro desk, then applause. that could mean a lot of things in this building that has seen too many retire early or accept buyouts.

today, fortunately, the applause were from joy AND respect, instead of just the latter. the Times had won the most coveted awards in journalism, the Pulitzer. The award winning journalists are Bettina Boxall and Julie Cart who won for their coverage of the wild fires.

After the applause, champagne bottles started popping. then more applause. then speeches. then applause, then more bottles (where were they all stashed?!) then more applause.

very nice to see in the same space where two weeks ago the newsroom frowned they were now beaming with cheers and hugs and handshakes. and now drinking!

More over at LA Now

update: the bubbly has arrived:

more: lovely speeches: