last week someone asked me whats up with Tsar

and i was all, theyve merged into Monster Squad. and theyre making a tv show with the peeps from Curbed Your Enthusiasm


The Monster Squad has been busy shooting footage for their upcoming television show. The show follows the four zany Monsters (Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfie and the Mummy) as they fight to make their dreams come true while staying true to themselves in the sometimes not-so-pretty world of the Hollywood record industry. Brought to you by the Emmy winning producers of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Fat Actress”, expect the Monster Squad to be hitting the prime time line up soon!

dear tony

i am at a crossroads at my life. i want to figure out what direction my life is supposed to take and i dont want to dip into my savings for much longer as i seek out answers while being unemployed.

i dont have a significant other, so i can travel anywhere in the world. but it would be ideal if i could make a little money while i am on my journey.

although i love southern california, i am more than willing to move if that’s what it takes to discover my special purpose.

please help tony, as i know you always have the answers.


not anna kournikova.

dear mariah carey:

do this. now.

update: aw crap. applications closed in february. guess you’ll just have to road trip around america. i did it a few years ago and it changed my life and a year later i was in my dream job. so consider that.

isla vista + utilizing the beach (for once) + gorgeous weather = floatopia

and theres gonna be another one soon

will i go? not sure, that music sounds horrible

but i must give props to the kids for thinking outside the DP

from your daily nexus:

“This is like Halloween in the spring.”

With an estimated 12,000 attendees, this description of Saturday’s Floatopia – made by a drunken beach-goer – appears accurate. A product of Facebook planning and word of mouth, Floatopia transformed Isla Vista’s narrow stretch of coastline into a half-mile long beach party. But as with October’s debauchery-filled holiday, the rapid growth of Floatopia has law enforcement agencies up in arms, questioning whether such events such should be allowed to continue.

“This is an unsponsored event where thousands of people are drinking alcohol; it was irresponsible,” Lt. Brian Olmstead, of the Isla Vista Foot Patrol, said. “This is worse than Halloween because there’s the added danger of the water. People can drown. I could see something happening [to stop Floatopia] because of the dangers involved and the resources required to keep bad things from happening.”

A relatively new phenomenon, Floatopia’s popularity has ballooned in recent years, with two to three times more people attending this year than in 2008. Additionally, the larger crowds include a growing number of out-of-towners and the arrival of sponsored tents on the beach.

read the whole thing here