because im a boring straight male

maude was my favorite bea arthur tv series, not golden girls

but almost two years ago there was a celebration for the golden girls that i couldnt resist

it was an art show of various artists honoring the long running show, called Golden Gals Gone Wild, curated by the amazing lenora claire.

very adult orientated, and probably not exactly the way ms. arthur would have wanted to be remembered on the day of her death, but its what i thought of when i heard the sad news today.

Beatrice Arthur, best known as the acerbic Maude Findlay on Norman Lear’s sitcom “Maude” and as the strong-willed Dorothy Zbornak on the long-running “The Golden Girls,” died today. She was 86.

Arthur, a stage-trained actress who was a success on Broadway long before television audiences got to know her, died of cancer at her Los Angeles home, family spokesman Dan Watt told the Associated Press.

In 1966, the tall and husky-voiced Arthur won a Tony for her performance as Angela Lansbury’s sharp-tongued sidekick, Vera Charles, in the original production of “Mame” on Broadway, which also was named best musical that year.

thanks for being our friend.

update: Bea Arthur on Premarin: