swine flu shall unite us all

raymi: when are you going to come up with a new idea for friday posts?

when you and fil get married, and not a moment sooner.

Chris Carnaghi Do you think that the dating and romance scene has dried up? From my quasi glitterati socialite perspective, it seems as though the ladies are just not into, dating, relationships, thinking about marriage or kids, men, dads. Nothing. I thought the economy is suppose to affect the hemlines. It’s just plain weird out there and I know it’s not me. Or maybe it’s me.

even though it might appear that there is a newer, looser, sexual revolution out there, i wouldnt say that women don’t want romance. they might not demand it like they used to, but flowers, a little gift, and a nice dinner can go a long way. also as men, we’re supposed to be supermen, unaffected by the economy. so i dont think there are any excuses for not getting dessert at dinner, which will probably lead to dessert after dinner if you play your cards right.

Basart: Bigger And Deffer or Radio?

even though neither of those records hold up nowadays, when they were first released in the 80s they were groundbreaking and monumental. definitely on par with anything on Def Jam at the time (Run DMC, Beastie Boys, etc). and despite the fact that Radio was always considered the most important LL record of all time, id say that Bigger and Deffer had a greater impact on his career because it proved several things: Cool J was no flash in the pan, he could get harder than his debut (“I’m Bad”), and a hip hop ballad was not only possible (“I Need Love”) but it would sell – and not at the detriment of the artist.

in other news – hi Carmen!

vinny: I wish to move away from the place I currently live, Edmonton, Canada. But where should I move to, LA or Las Vegas?? Of course I will have to win the lottery to pull this off, but that should happen soon enough.

Both cities are exciting, bizarre, and warm. If you enjoy 100+ degree days, Vegas is a place i’d like to retire to, but LA is my lady.

Ali: If you work in an environment where casual drinking is commonplace during business affairs, whats the best drink for a girl to order to impress the male higher ups? Let’s say they order scotch.

a young lady in a business situation should really pay more attention to her alcohol intake than in any other situation. she should definitely have the bartender water down her drinks when at all possible, preferably with ginger ale if scotch is the booze of the house. the idea is to appear to be drinking, but still be on top of things, namely everything.

i once found myself in a situation when i worked at a billion dollar electronics manufacturer where one particular loud mouth swore he could drink everyone under the table. someone paid the waitress $20 up front to serve apple juice to those of us who asked for scotch. loud mouthy was drinking gin and “won” about two hours into the shenanigans. but we won at the 9am meeting when he couldnt keep his eyes open for more than 2 minutes of the VP’s presentation.

so if some way you could work a way to down one drink for every three of theirs, you should do quite well, for a very long time at that company.

pitt: whatcha gonna do, when Roy Halladay, and all his Halladamiacs, run wild on you!!! Brother!

three things i dont spend too much time worrying about: canadian baseball teams, guys named Roy, and anyone from the Junior Circuit.

katie: should i stay or should i go?

well if joe and mick are correct, if you go there will be trouble. however they also say that if you stay there will be double. so i say plop on a floppy hat, pack your bags and make like a tree and get on with the next chapter of your life.

timmay!!!!!: have you read this?

i hadnt till you pointed it out. craziness! especially how the cops waited to see if she would get behind the wheel again, and when she did, they popped her quick! but what i liked the most was the fact that the publisher of the paper and the tv news channel who seemingly blundered by taking her to her car after just being in jail for alleged DUI is just 40 years old. id imagine that someone so relatively young probably hadnt made many judgment errors in the past.

Bobby D: Shes a witch of trouble in electric blue. In her own mad mind shes in love with you. Now what you gonna do?

im gonna take off with bob n doug, eat some back bacon, and down that delicious strange brew.

g/d: no tasers. yes lasers. or really bright pretty lights. go L.A, make it a single malt, I dig the friday posts.

glad you like the friday posts. sorry it took me till monday to bust with the answers, but i had such a crazy weekend i havent even developed my pics yet from friday night.

zona: did you see the wind save my cousn’s ass the other day at wrigley? do you think he’ll last the full season in that rotation?

i betcha one reason your cousin came to chicago was because when that wind blows in guys like him can groove em right down broadway and not have to fear of the extra bases. mr lilly will not only last the full season but he and rich harden will win 20 games.

not sure i could have had a weirder weekend

which is good. and a reason why you shouldnt kill yrself.

because you never know whats gonna happen each day. you never know how good a rock band is gonna be. you never know how bad a lunch is gonna be. you never know how good a movie is gonna be. you never know how good a bad dinner is gonna be.

and you never know who’s gonna wake up next to you in hollywood.

i know i come across as mr. knowitall a lot on here. and some things i do know a few things about. but most of the time im just floating around space like you are, totally clueless, and reacting (and sometimes over reacting) just like you are.

theres only one person who knows it all, and thats raymi. the rest of us pretty much have to go with the flow and try to make good decisions.

my problem seems to be how can i keep being honest but not be rude, how can i keep it real while keeping my friends, how can i present an open and honest blog while honoring the privacy of those who dont have open and honest blogs for a reason.

so even though i had many tasty foods and some pretty interesting adventures, all we get this early afternoon is a photo of the drive through i was in when general pitt of toronto called me to tell me that the blue jays were skull-effing the white sox. and image that i didnt really want in my head before i ordered a #11 no tomatoes, diet coke, but thats what he put in there and then he hung up.

of all the things i dont know, i do know this about canada. if i lived anywhere it would be the gta.